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13 Fabulous Zines for Troika! the Scifantasy RPG, all at one LOW price. Including "The Vacation System" exclusive to this Zine Pack! An entire campaign's worth of queerness, whimsy, tragedy, fun, and adventure for less than $20!! That's 75% OFF.

This collection focuses on Troika City, an impossible metropolis at the center of the multiverse, and it's surroundings: from Cowboy Ogres and Ice Planets to Nightmare Factories and Astro Zombies, and so much more.

The Vacation System - Ashcan Edition: The hospitality industry has consumed not just an entire planet, but an entire planetary system. Their violent hubris has earned many enemies: Antimatter Unions, Lesbian Space Pirates with Jetpacks, and Incompetent Ecoterrorists O My! Exclusive to this Zine Pack!!

Evey Does Troika!: This is how I personally modify Troika!, an rpg I adore, after years of playing, running, and writing for the game system.  In the form of a character creation guide.

The Day the Diner Disappeared: A digital zine framing a Troika Campaign in which the PCs are (mostly) mundane folk, who's base of operations is a space-time displaced greasy spoon restaurant. Includes a Campaign Menu to show folx how to string a bunch of adventures into a coherent (for Troika) ongoing game.

Ashcan People: Displaced Well Beyond Time and Space: An expansion on the ideas in The Day the Diner Disappeared, this details the neighborhood around the Diner and provides a d66 list of NEW BACKGROUNDS. Ghost of a Jilted Plesiosaur, anyone?

Marine Ice Cattle Drive: Work alongside a traumatized country music star to herd them ice cows to the teleportation point and collect your wages. If only anything were that simple.

Kobalds Are Morality: Learn why Foe of Kings regards kobolds as the only just beings ever to have lived. What are the secrets of the scaley dogmen?

Planet Whistletoon: Planet Whistletoon is a pocketmod sized sphere of black & white cartoon antics for the Troika! RPG.

60  Scifantasy Names: Title says it all! Plus a General Vibes Chart!!

The Grinning Tome Inconsistent: A spell supplement for Troika! featuring less than reliable spells inside a Living Spellbook.

The Interreality Self Aesthetic Contest: A misdelivered invitation to participate in a multiversal beauty contest kicks off a truly unusual adventure!

Psychic Bilgewater Processing Facility: A Troika horror adventure. The Facility was already a terrible place to work before the Astro Zombies showed up!

6 Truths You Might Could Learn, in the Public House o'er by Skyway Lane: Chart of Rumor and Adventure Prompts in the form of NPC dialogue.
Let Me Tell You of Troika City: Made for the MS Paint Jam, this is an oddly poetic travel brochure enticing visitors to surreal Troika City.

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AuthorEvey Lockhart


Buy Now$19.69 USD or more

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6 truths.pdf 474 kB
60 scifantasy names.pdf 274 kB
bonus kobold.pdf 95 kB
Campaign Menu.pdf 252 kB
Equipment List.pdf 47 kB
grinning tome.pdf 1 MB
interreality beauty contest.pdf 1 MB
koboldsaremorality.pdf 3 MB
marine ice cattle drive.pdf 2 MB
psychic bilgewater.pdf 1 MB
the day the diner disappeared.pdf 2 MB
whistletoon print.pdf 262 kB
whistletoon.pdf 265 kB
Evey Does Troika! - Evey Lockhart.epub 153 kB
Marine Ice Cattle Drive - Evey Lockhart.epub 164 kB
Tell TROIKA City Visual (1).png 14 kB
Tell TROIKA City Visual (2).png 52 kB
60 Scifantasy Names.txt 1 kB
Evey Does Troika! (1).txt 7 kB
Kobolds are morality.txt 4 kB
Let Me Tell You of Troika City-.txt 1 kB
ghostplesiosaur (1).png 3 MB
line gnome (1).png 1 MB
Soda Mascot (1).png 2 MB
Ashcan People Vol. 1 - Evey Lockhart.epub 140 kB
Vacation System, The - Evey Lockhart.epub 102 kB

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