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It's fantasy roleplaying, the fantasy roleplaying game stripped down to barebones and brass-tacks. Be anything you wish, without drowning in convoluted game mechanics and supporting a corporate behemoth.

  • Broadly Compatible with most Fantasy d20 adventures. 
  • Hits the basic notes of Fantasy Adventure Gaming 
    • but with a unique timbre.
    • and sans any unnecessary complication.

What's familiar:

  • d20 Based Combat
  • Ascending Armor Class
  • Roll under Stat Checks
  •  The 3 basic Character Classes: Fighter, Thief, and Wizard

What's new:

  • Fighters create their own, unique "Special Moves"
  • Original Spells such as: Wretched Shriek, Sinking Sands, and Multitudinous Gambol.
  • Stat Check based Thief Skills.
  • Combat without Initiative. 

10 page, full color, hyperlinked .pdf. 

Plus the BRAND NEW DeeEnDee Character Sheet!

And check out the first Dee En Dee sadventure, Cave of the Feral Catgirls!


there's also spells! and Monsters!! and playable classes!!!

Or get everything at once, plus a bonus zine, with the Simple DeeEnDee Digital Boxset...

HEY! if you're inspired to make and share content for Simple DeeEnDee, that's great! 

Just follow these steps:

  1. Do NOT be a cop, republican, nazi, evangelical, or fascist of any stripe.
  2. add a note saying the content is made by you, not me
  3. include the official license tag "Oh fuck! This is Dee En Dee!! ACAB"
  4. Give money to a poor trans person if you're able to.
  5. Please let me know about it if you want.
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AuthorEvey Lockhart


Buy Now$6.66 USD or more

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I love this little thing. I have printed and given it away many times now.

Pairs perfectly with: https://violentmedia.itch.io/the-quickly-equipped-murderhobo

Author of:https://melsonian-arts-council.itch.io/permian


A simple and elegant alternative d20 system without bloating or baggage and an emphasis on players being taking charge of the creativity & motivation of their characters. 

Full Review here: https://ko-fi.com/post/Sebrina-Reviews-Simple-Dee-En-Dee-by-Evey-Filth-S6S26BSTK