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In an Exclusive Exposé, after years of deep undercover journalism, the late Starshine Delight shines a light on the violent, inhumane nature of the Mathmological Bureau of Measurement Standards and Unreal Specimen Containment! Learn the about the unusual creatures held captive indefinitely. Discover the shocking truth behind Starshine's tragic death!! 

All of this brought to you by the Silvershoe Sentinel, Troika City's Only Unicorn Newspaper.


This is a 12 page Troika! TTRPG zine of Cosmic Horror, Unreal Beings, and Brutal Bureaucracy. It takes the form of an in-world newspaper's special exposé on a brutal government agency with zero transparency, little oversight, and no qualms about ending lives. It includes 5 new antagonists and 2 new player character backgrounds!!

Purchase gets both the illustrated, color, hyperlinked .pdf zine as well as an .epub edition!

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorEvey Lockhart


Buy Now$7.69 USD or more

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Report Mathmological Bureau.pdf 830 kB
Report from Inside the Mathmological Bureau of Measurements and Unreal Specimen Containment - Evey Lockhart.epub 97 kB

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Deleted 1 year ago

Maybe you had the best of intentions, but this kinda comes off like you're negging. Evey has all manner of awesome Troika! goodies that might be more your cup of tea, if this isn't for you.

(2 edits) (+1)

My apologies, it was definitely meant with the best of intentions. I'll restate: The atmosphere the work implies looks incredibly compelling, even to someone not well versed in the subject matter or genre. I love the idea of presenting the setting as in-world newspaper and it rekindles memories of playing some of my favorite childhood video games where the setting assumptions were revealed through in-world communication mediums (such as newspapers.) It is making rethink how I present setting information in my own games.